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To promote learning exhibition style to learn to build an tamping cornerstone - Longjiang traffic to carry out "Ankang Cup" safety

为认真贯彻落实习近平总书记关于安全生产和职业病防治重要论述及中国工会十八大会议精神,We will vigorously promote the idea that people and life come first,Promote the concept of safe development of each molecule company,Continuously improve the level of production safety management and the safety quality of employees,10月24日,Longjiang Communications launched the "Ankang Cup" knowledge competition on production safety and occupational disease prevention。Longjiang traffic union leader

Mutual learning and mutual learning to promote ideas hand in hand - North Black operation branch line to Longjiang

In order to deepen business exchanges and promote development, on October 20, Wang Jianfeng, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the North Black Operation Branch, and 19 people went to Longjiang Transportation Harbin Branch for investigation and exchange。Provincial Public Security Department of high Administration Bureau of Harbin brigade commander Wang Gaoxin, political commissar Ma Deyu, Harbin branch Party secretary, manager Shan Qingmin, Party discipline committee secretary Li Zhigang, deputy manager Sun Xiaobin and relevant department heads attended the meeting。At the meeting, Shan Qingmin represented the Harbin branch

Longqing maintenance held a joint meeting of "police and enterprise linkage" in winter

To further deepen the "police enterprise linkage" long-term mechanism,Comprehensively prevent emergencies on Harbin-Dalian Expressway,We will improve our ability to respond to emergencies and ensure smooth circulation,Plan ahead,Plan ahead,Ensure the safety and smooth flow of Harbin-Dalian Expressway in winter,10月19日,Longqing maintenance joint Harbin high speed traffic police brigade held a joint meeting of "police enterprise linkage" in winter。The two sides summarized the problems and shortcomings in the past joint work, and notified the purpose

Take the "true classics" to advance the standard -- Longjiang Transportation Hada Branch line

To further broaden horizons, broaden ideas, learn advanced experience,Promote the improvement of highway management and toll window service quality,近日,Led by the leadership of Harbin branch,Harbin branch toll operation management and other related personnel went to Anhui Wantong Expressway Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway Co., Ltd. to investigate and exchange,Benchmarking to learn advanced management experience,Discuss and exchange the development of operation work under the new situation

Longyun Modern to carry out 2023 meter detection work

In order to further provide quality services to passengers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and ensure the accurate and compliant billing of operating vehicle meters, from September 19 to October 9, the Harbin Municipal Bureau of Technical Supervision meter testing station conducted an annual inspection of the meters of 1448 operating vehicles of Longyun Modern。Longyun modern attaches great importance to this work, in order to carry out the meter annual inspection smoothly, so that the testing progress is orderly, Longyun Modern transport