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Longqing conservation held a warning education conference

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of Longjiang Transportation Party Committee and discipline Inspection Committee warning education Conference,Further strengthen Longqing maintenance of party style and clean government construction,Always remind all party members and cadres to always adhere to the problem-oriented,Take disciplinary cases as a mirror,Learn a lot from it,Draw a parallel,The alarm bell keeps ringing.,10月7日,Longqing conservation held a warning education conference,All Party members, cadres and staff attended the meeting。Cui Anyu, deputy general manager of Longqing Maintenance, presided over the meeting。First of the meeting

Longqing conservation held 2023 "Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day" before the special meeting of honesty reminder

On September 25, Longqing Conservation held a special meeting on honesty before the "Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day" in 2023, and members of the leadership team and all cadres and staff of Longqing Conservation participated in the meeting。Wang Pengbo, discipline inspector of the Party General branch of Longqing Conservation, presided over the meeting。The meeting required that all cadres and staff of Longqing conservation in the double period, one must adhere to the discipline rules in front, strictly abide by the political discipline and political rules, and resolutely resist the "four winds" problem。Second, we must adhere to safety

In the case of Ming Ji police Zhong Changming unswervingly promote the development of comprehensive strict party governance to the depth - dragon

On the morning of September 25, the Longjiang Traffic warning Education Conference was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the company。The meeting informed Wang Jun and others of the violation of the law and punishment decision, with the case warning, with the case Ming discipline, education and guidance of the company's majority of party members and cadres know fear, fear, keep the bottom line, promote the comprehensive strict party governance to deepen and expand, continue to create a good political ecology of clean air, officers and entrepreneurs。Fu Shixue, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the company, chaired the meeting.

Longjiang Traffic Discipline Inspection Commission held the fifth working meeting in 2023

On the morning of September 21, Longjiang Traffic Discipline Inspection Commission held the fifth annual working meeting。Peng Feixue, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the company, presided over the meeting and made a speech, and all members of the company's supervision and inspection room, the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection (discipline inspector) and discipline inspection cadres attended the meeting。在“第一议题”学习环节中,首先集体学习了《mg摆脱电子游戏》《习近平总书记主持召开新时代推动东北

Effectively play the supervision function to promote the company's key projects to build clean and efficient - Longjiang traffic discipline

Since this year,Longjiang Traffic Discipline Commission gives full play to its supervisory function,Focus on the Zhaodong Service area project of the Harbin to Daqing section of Sui-man Expressway,We will take multiple measures to continuously strengthen supervision and inspection,Set up a working ledger,List the basic information of the project, project progress, risk points and prevention and control measures,Make clear the key directions and main measures for oversight,Effectively improve the precision of supervision,We will make every effort to ensure the integrity and efficiency of major projects。On the afternoon of August 10th, Dragon