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Return to the original owner to warm the heart - Harbin Expressway Zhaodong service area to practice

10月4日,Hada Expressway Zhaodong service area manager Hou Yanchen and cleaning staff found a left black backpack in the service area,The two immediately searched for the owner,After many unsuccessful searches, turn it in to the service area,Then the service area staff opened the backpack to look for clues,The bag was found to contain a large amount of cash and valuables。Longqing maintenance road inspectors received a call from the service area to reflect the situation during the on-duty inspection, and a driver passed through Zhaodong

In time of crisis to help the rapid rescue warm people - Longjiang traffic Hada branch Anda charge

On October 1, Anda Toll Station, a branch of Longjiang Transportation, received a letter of thanks, simple words, revealing the truth, along with Ms. Yu's story, everyone's thoughts once again returned to that thrilling moment。At 7:10 a.m. on September 29, when a white car was about to enter the Anda East toll station, the driver's improper operation caused the vehicle to rush down the side ditch of the ramp。Is the station area patrol deputy stationmaster Jiang Yu, toll collector

Timely fire removal hidden dangers high-speed rescue warm - Longjiang traffic Hada branch Anda charge

This year's Golden Week coincides with the unification of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays。During the small holiday, the people's travel demand increased, the highway ushered in the traffic peak, the implementation of the "three excellent" and "four modernized" project on the Harbin expressway, so that the road home is smoother and the figure on the way is more leisurely。On the afternoon of September 28, when the holiday began, the traffic flow of the Harbin Expressway remained high, and a passenger suddenly rushed to the Anda toll station to work inside

Longyun Modern won the Harbin Taxi Industry Association advanced collective and advanced individual awards

On August 8, the "Advanced Typical Commendation Conference for Cruise Taxi Drivers" sponsored by Harbin Taxi Industry Association was held in the Friendship Palace。The conference selected six awards of "Quality service Advanced individual", "Quality Service advanced individual Pacesetter", "Learn from Lei Feng Advanced Individual Pacesetter", "Learn from Lei Feng Advanced Team" and "the most beautiful driver"。A total of 87 drivers of Longyun Hyundai won individual awards, 1

Warm!Hada Branch Zhaodong toll station staff to help the lost boy safely home

Late at night on August 4, Hu Xinpeng, a duty officer of Zhaodong toll station of the Harbin branch of Longjiang Traffic, found a pedestrian walking through the traffic in the toll plaza, and there was a security risk, he immediately asked and informed the station master on duty, and then took the boy out of the lane to be properly placed。It is understood that the little boy went out to play alone in the morning, but could not find his way home before straying onto the highway。Zhaodong toll station on duty stationmaster Song Xiaofeng after asking the boy's father